Comparison of housing loans – Real Estate Purchase

Comparison of housing loans in banks and assistance from a financial intermediary.

Because housing loan is a big challenge, not only financial, one should carefully check and compare loan offers, as well as have basic knowledge about how to effectively do it.

There are many helpful loan calculators, loan comparison websites and housing rankings on the internet, but the question that arises is: is it enough to choose the best housing loan?

A housing loan is a long-term commitment to very high sums of up to 35 years. It is therefore necessary to make every effort to choose the most favorable solution.

Where to start when choosing a loan to buy an apartment?

Where to start when choosing a loan to buy an apartment?

Before you compare housing loans, you need to know if you have creditworthiness. In this case, you do not have to use credit calculators, but you should contact your bank or financial intermediary.

Only the initial assessment of creditworthiness allows us to determine what housing loan we can afford. And only when we know the initial estimated creditworthiness, we can start looking for a flat.

If we can find such an apartment, then we can start to assemble the appropriate documents. What will the documents be? And again, we refer you to the bank or to the financial intermediary who will present their complete list.

The required documents depend on the bank chosen and on our situation. These can include:

  • contract of employment,
  • a certificate of income, completed on a print provided by the bank,
  • the entrepreneur needs a certificate of non-payment of contributions in the Tax Office and Social Security,
  • real estate documentation.

Let’s also remember about the required own contribution at the level of 20%.

Comparison of housing loans with loan comparison

Comparison of housing loans with loan comparison

Housing loans are offered in several banks. An effective comparison consists in analyzing over a dozen credit offers. It is a very tedious process requiring proper knowledge, it is often necessary to go to many banks to get detailed information.

Does the comparison of housing loans meet the assumptions of effective loan retrieval? Unfortunately not. This is due to the fact that the comparison of housing loans is limited to only a few loan proposals and this is not an effective comparison of housing loans.

On the other hand, it allows you to estimate the amount of the loan installment for specific queries. It is possible to set the amount of the housing loan, select the loan period and some additional parameters.

These are only estimates, because the amount of the loan installment depends not only on the amount of the loan and the time we will pay it back, but also on the loan offer.

The housing loan offer is determined individually, which means that its terms are tailored to the specific client and depend on the scoring by the bank. Better assessment of our creditworthiness and credibility, the better the chalk.

In addition, each loan offer can be negotiated with banks.

What is left to us if we do not want to use the housing loan comparator? You can make an appointment for a free meeting with a financial intermediary.

Comparison of housing loans with a financial intermediary

Comparison of housing loans with a financial intermediary

Below is a list of banks and financial experts with whom we can contact us regarding a housing loan:

Services of financial intermediaries are directed to people who do not know what loan for an apartment to choose, and the formalities associated with obtaining a home loan are too complicated.

Help from a financial intermediary is not only a comparison of housing loans, but also:

  • help in choosing a housing loan (mortgage),
  • review of current credit promotions,
  • matching the loan installment to your financial capabilities,
  • choosing the maximum repayment period of the liability,
  • help in completing all formalities and documents,
  • signing a loan agreement with a selected bank.

A good financial intermediary cooperates with the client from the very beginning: from the analysis of credit offers to the finalization of the contract with the bank.